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This discography includes the original LPs or CDs of the Three Degrees. So, you will not find here singles, compilations, anthologies or other prouctions wher the band just appears for some few tracks. For an exhaustive tracks listing, go to the song index. You may also go the "best of" pages which give you a list of the numerous compilations of the band

As the most of these LPs or CDs are quite hard to find, there is also a page giving you a selection of CDs which are easier to purchase and give a good panorama of the music of the band..


Maybe cover
Maybe (Roulette 1970)
Collage / You're the one / Sugar on sunday / Maybe / You're the fool / MacCarthur Park / Rosegarden / Stardust / Lonely town / The magic door
1st LP cover
The Three Degrees (PIR - 1973)
Dirty ol' man / Can't you see what you're doing to me / A woman needs a good man / When will I see you again / I didn't know / I like being a woman / If and when / Year of decision
So much love cover
So much love (1975)
Magic mirrors / Trade winds / Love the one you're with / I do take you / Who is she (and what is she to you) / There's so much love all around me / Ebb tide / Caught between two fires / Maybe / If you must leave my life
This is not exactly an original LP but the high quality of this record and the fact that all the tiltles (except for "Maybe") were previously unrealesed on an LP, made me think that this record fully desserved to be here.
International cover
International (PIR - 1975)
Another heartache / Chanson populaire / Get your love back / Lonelier are fools / Somos novios / Distant lover / Together / Nigaï Namida / Here I am / When will I see you again (japaneese version) / Loving cup / Midnight train
3D live cover
  Three Degrees live (PIR - 1975)
TSOP / Free ride / Don't let the sun do down on me / Year of decision / Living for the city / For the love of money / When will I see you again / Dirty ol' man / Everybody gets to the moon / Harlem / Love train
Live in Japan cover
Live in Japan (CBS - 1975) (2 LP)
TSOP / Free ride / It's impossible / Year of decision / Everybody gets to go to the moon / Good morning heartache / I am a woman / Caberet-Maybe this time (medley) / Chanson populaire / When will I see you again / Get your love back / Nigaï namida / Dirty old man / Don't let the sun go down on me / Mc.Arthur park / Love train
A toast of love cover

A toast of love (CBS - 1976)
Sunrise / A toast of love / Japanese cycle 1999 / I wanna say La / From souvenirs to souvenirs / The promise / Do it / Ipi N Tombia / Gee baby (I'm sorry) / Stop in Nevada / Truth

Standing up for love cover
Standing up for love (CBS - 1977)
Standing up for love (I) / What I did for love / Just leave me alone / Macaroni man / Gee baby, I'm sorry / People with feeling / In love we grow / We're all alone / Standing up for love (II)
New dimensions cover
New Dimensions (Ariola 1978)
Givin'up, givin' in /Falling in love again / Looking for love / The runner / Woman in love / Magic in the air
D cover
3D (Ariola - 1979)
Jump the gun / Red light / Set me free / Starlight / Without you / Bodycheck
Gold cover
Gold (Ariola -1980)
Studio recordings : Givin' up, givin' in / Woman in love / The runner / Jump the gun / Without you / My simple heart / Starlight
Live recordings : Brand new day / You light up my life / If my friends could see me now / Stardust / I'll never love this way again / We are family (recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall in London - october the 08th, 1979)
A side is just a compilation but B side is a brilliant new live recording.
Album of love cover
Album of love (3D Records - 1982)
Fame medley / Fame intro / Dirty ol' man / My simple heart / Year of decision / Take good care of yourself / When will I see you again / Fame reprise / Only those in love / Dear God / Hard to say I'm sorry / A sonnet to love / I only have eyes for you / Mac Arthur Park
Live in the UK cover
Live in the UK (3D Records - 1985)
The sound of Philadelphia (TSOP) / Free ride / Wanna be starting / Sweet dreams / The boss / Giving up, giving in / Flasdance / Medley / Every breath / When will I see you again
And Holding cover
  And Holding (Ichiban 1989)
Tie U up / Win, place or show / Make it easy on yourself / Lock it up / Vital signs / Tender lie After the night is over / Are you that kind of guy
Live in London cover

Live in London (Ichiban 1990)
TSOP / My simple heart / Medley (Gee baby / Take good care of yourself / The runner) / Woman in love / Dirty ol' man / When will I see you again / Love train
This live album includes tracks by Harold Melvin & the Blue notes and Billy Paul. Except "TSOP", all the Three Degrees tracks can be found on the "Love Train" CD (Which also has got all the "And Holding" album tracks as above)

Out of the past cover
Out of the past, into the Future (Greatest hits plus more) (1993)
Medley (TSOP / My simple heart) / Dirty ol'man / When will I see you again / Woman in love / Take good care of yourself /I'm thru with him / If you don't want my love / Hurry Hurry / Emotional thing / Give me a chance / Question of love / Ain't no woman
Best & new hits cover
  Best and new hits (When will I see you again) (1998)
When will I see you again / Long lost lover / Red light / Together / Take good care of yourself / Woman in love / Year of decision / Jump the gun / Givin' up, givin' in / Take me away / My simple heart / TSOP / Dirty ol' man / The runner / Heaven I need / Get your love back
Greatest hits remixes cover
Greatest hits remixes (1998)
Woman in love / My simple heart / When will I see you again / Heaven I need / Jump the gun / Get your love back / Dirty ol' man / Together /Take good care of yourself / Givin' up givin' in / The runner / TSOP / Long lost lover / Red light / Take me away / Year of decision
Christmas album cover
Christmas album (1998)
Most beautiful night of the year / Silent night / Silver bells / I'll be homme for Christmas / Mary's boy child / When a child is born / Gonna give you my heart / It isn't Christmas / O Christmas tree / Sleigh ride / Winterwonderland / Last Christmas / Rockin' around the Christmas tree / Lonely Christmas / Please come home for Christmas / Have yourself a merry little Christmas


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